About R. Suryaprakash

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A widely acclaimed vidwan of Carnatic Music, R. Suryaprakash has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of rasikas all over the globe. His “ringing” voice is known for its ability to produce sangathis (musical phrases) in all three sthayis (ranges) with crystal clear tonal quality and purity of shruthi. Suryaprakash hails from the baani (musical tradition) of the legendary musician Madurai Mani Iyer, imbibed from his tutelage under Sangeetha Kalanidhi T V Sankaranarayanan. Over the years he has crafted an original and unique baani (style) of his own, that stems from his assimilation of the essence of other gayaki and nadaswara traditions, such as those of Semmangudi, TNR, GNB and Brindamma. His extraordinary fluency in neraval and swara singing makes for “thrilling” concerts, noted for their adherence to the highest order of traditional classicism (pracheena sangeetham). Critics have called his festival concerts “spellbinding” and “heart-melting” experiences, not to be missed by any avid rasika. Many titles and awards have come his way, some of which being “Gana Kala Vipanchee” from the organization Vipanchee and the “Best Concert” prize from the Music Academy, Chennai. An equally passionate teacher, he conducts workshops and lec-dems to pass down his tradition. Suryaprakash has a post-graduate degree in Indian Music from the University of Madras , currently pursuing his research and is an “A” graded artiste by All India Radio, Chennai.

Suryaprakash also has many compositions to his credit. He has popularised many rare Tamil compositions.

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